About Us

Company incorporated for the acquisition, processing and commercialization of fish and shellfish, production and sale of ice and other inputs for fishing. Now also with the new Sabromar seafood restaurant.


Satisfy the needs of our customers and society in general, offering a product with the best quality and safety and variety at a fair price, always presenting innovative and innovative alternatives.


Being a leader in the marketing of fish and related products with world-class disposition, humility, professionalism and perseverance as well as respect for our environment and humanity.

Seafood Restaurant

Seafood Sabromar offers various dishes à la carte where you can enjoy your palate with the delights that the sea offers, such as cocktails, rice, filets, soups, ceviches, tastings, desserts and of course the dish of the day.

Whether as a local or international tourist, we are ready to satisfy your stay in this area of Quepos & Manuel Antonio with delicious dishes that you will never forget and that you know Pura Vida! that identifies us so much. Ask about our delicious ceviches

Fish Market

Pescadería Sabromar has a wide variety of fish and seafood available to the general public with high standards of quality and freshness, with totally accessible prices.  

We are in constant effort to be the best in the area, we also distribute orders for all fish in general. As a historical activity, we acquire, process and market fish and seafood nationwide. We have tuna, dorado, marlin, sail, snapper, trache, catfish, maracas, curvina, lobster, shrimp (fidel, juvenile and jumbo), squid, clams, cuts, and many more in variety of seafood.



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